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Since 2006 I have walked with Ed Silvoso and Transform our World, which is part of Harvest Evangelism’s International Transformation Network. Ed introduced me to what he calls the Five Pivotal Paradigms for Transformation, which he expands upon in his book, Transformation. I have found that these provide a helpful way of looking at biblical principles for discipling nations through the church in the workplace, or marketplace.

The five paradigms are as follows:

1. The Great Commission is about discipling nations, not just people.
I am a discipler of nations, and a model for people.

2. The marketplace (the heart of the nation) has already been redeemed by Jesus and now needs to be reclaimed by His followers.
I walk and work in confidence that what I do will make an eternal difference.

3. Labor is the premier expression of worship on Earth, and every believer is a minister.
I am equipped by God with unique gifts and talents designed to shine light where there has been darkness.

4. Our primary call is not to build the Church but to take the Kingdom of God where the kingdom of darkness is still entrenched in order for Jesus to build His Church.
I am called to do things in a way that will bring the will of God in heaven to my earth every day.

5. The premier social indicator that transformation has taken place is the elimination of systemic poverty.
I seek to dislodge systems within my sphere of influence that keep me and others poor, spiritually, relationally, materially and motivationally.

Source: Transform our World

Daniel Ghinn

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