Accountability & heritage

church@work launched in January 2013 by Daniel Ghinn, in partnership with Michael Puffett and Neil Pattison, who are senior pastors of the church congregation in Maidstone, UK, where Daniel and his wife Jo are based, Jubilee Church.

Daniel and Jo also serve under the ministry umbrella of Harvest Evangelism, which is led by Ed Silvoso with an emphasis on marketplace transformation. Through Harvest Evangelism they connect with co-labourers from around the world as part of the International Transformation Network from which they receive encouragement, envisioning and teaching.

church@work builds upon ministries originally launched by Daniel and Jo for Christians in business and the workplace in 2004 – Business for Christ, to envision, equip and connect Christians in business – and Marketplace Ministers, to support Christians in a wide range of marketplace settings including education, government and other workplace settings. With church@work, these ministries are brought together to bring a stronger emphasis on partnership – across the whole Church and between workplace-based Christians, their church leaders and local church congregations.

Teaching on marketplace ministry, Christians in business, and workplace Christianity shared through Business for Christ and Marketplace Ministers is still available online.